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Escort traditions. The world history of escort services


The tradition of escort services dates back to antiquity. In ancient Greece, Thais, who occupied an incredibly significant role in society, were praised in the works of ancient literature. Enjoying the universal respect, they often became the rulers of destiny. They knew how to charm the most prominent figures of that time – generals, politicians, writers and artists.
The attitude of the ancient Greeks to the Thais, free from prejudice, contributed to the prosperity and development of these muses who inspired many great people to create masterpieces and accomplish glorious deeds.

The longstanding traditions of pleasing men were laid by ganikas in ancient India and Japanese geishas. From childhood they studied singing, dancing, playing musical instruments, niceties of serving drinks and the art of interesting and informative conversation.
Relations with a geisha are a great mystery that stands high in public esteem. It elevates and exalts a man, giving him status and respect.

Escort service in the modern sense came to Western culture much later. The emergence of the film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” has become a revealing manifestation of this trend in the West.
The impeccable Audrey Hepburn played the role of a beautiful woman who accompanied powerful men at social events, sparkling with wit and beauty.


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